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Stephen Mark Maughan

About Me

I am an ex-coal miner/computer programmer/sailing instructor who has been making music since the 1970's. 

I have always been interested in music and grew up with a father who used to perform on stage singing Al Jolson hits in his younger years, played the harmonica and listened to the great classical masters in his free time at weekends. I first started my musical path learning to play violin and then moved to a school where i could no longer continue violin. Before starting the new school I taught myself to play my great uncles WW1 battle cornet and showed my new skill to the music teacher. The school formed a brass band that saw me playing Bb Cornet, Bb Euphonium, EEb Bass at concerts and competitions. In the 1980's I began making music using early computers and my father's old reel to reel recorder, then progressed to multifunction keyboards and midi interfaces. Today, I live with my wife and young son on a boat in the Mediterranean and use Logic Pro X and a NI keyboard to make music. My inspirations usually come from life experience and deep emotions.

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