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Cortege for a Queen is live

At last my Eastern themed Epic track is out in the ether for all to enjoy. At nearly 13mins in length this is a long track. The track has been completed more times than any other track that I have worked upon. After each play back I wouldn't be happy so it was scrapped and restarted. The track is very melancholy and sad and depicts the funeral cortege of a royal from the east.

The track starts with a crescendo of Eastern Egyptian ood, wailing vocals and sombre strings and builds up into a bass fuelled explosion of grief. Close your eyes and you could be standing alongside the road witnessing the passing of this very regal cortege.

Each time the cortege edges closer, the atmosphere thickens until at the peak it is not easy to breathe without thoughts of the immense sadness and devotion of the members within the cortege. I achieve this by the use of deep strings.

Available on the usual big outlets:

Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, TickTock, Spotify, Itunes, AppleMusic, GooglePlay etc…

I have also uploaded 2 tracks to, "ZOOMER" a foot tapping upbeat positive track and "The Ice River Mermaids of Zantha 5" a very heavenly vocal sci-fi esk orchestral track. They should be available on the site in a couple of days time.

Another new track that I am working on is "Lonesome Hero" a jazzy bluesy track with electric rock guitar taking lead. I am still unsure about the lead instrument, the guitar sounds a little too plectrumy for my liking, I may try in its place rock organ or may be flute. Watch this space!!

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