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It’s been a while...

It‘s been a month since I last wrote a blog! Where did that time go?

Well it flew past very quickly, along with the miles, as we sailed the new boat down from the UK to Mediterranean Spain. We sailed a total of 1660 nautical miles in 50 days, with a week off in the Algarve where we just anchored in a bay and didn’t move. We aimed to get across the Bay of Bisday and down the Atlantic coast as quickly as possible and then chill, which is what we did. We are now safely tucked up in our winter berth and can begin working on the long list of jobs over the next four months.

Musically, it has been a bit of a dry period, With the ongoing issues with the Mac and sailing so far so quickly, it has taken a back seat. I have worked on a couple of pieces but I’m not 100% happy with them so I’ll work some more. For now, the Mac appears to be working (taking a few attempts to start up), so I do wonder if it was an update that was interrupted that caused the problem, and this has now been resolved since we have both constant power and WiFi. I live in hope.

Thank you all for your support, my audience is growing nicely on Spotify and some of the other streaming platforms - it means a lot to know you are listening. SMM 🎶

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