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A new work on paper is underway

With the Macbook out of commission until the end of the Christmas holidays I am resorting to stave on paper and good old fashioned pencil. I am currently working on a piece that almost sounds like an Irish ballad. I'm having fun but unlike Heir Mozart I am using an eraser at frequent intervals ;-) I am most creative when taking a shower or a bath where I whistle out my ideas. I then walk back to the boat whistling the best of my ideas before scratching the idea down on paper. It is long winded but at the moment my only outlet. The one thing that I like about living on a boat is the peace and quiet when at anchor, inspiration coming from a beautiful sunset, a gnarled piece of wood on the beach or the water pattern created by a shoal of small fish under the water. When wintering in the marina inspiration is usually taken from the nearest town or city, the local street musicians or buildings and monuments close-by. During Christmas I have been using my time creating new album covers for my work. The old ones are pictures taken whilst we were out sailing and bare no relation to the title or flavour of the music. I have attached one to this blog for you to see.

I also have been thoroughly digesting my counterpoint Gradus and Parnassum book written by Johann Joseph Fux in the early 1700's

so who knows what will happen in the future. I hope that you all had a great Christmas day and I wish you all the best for the New Year 2020.

Credit for the underlying picture is to be given to Nicole Geri on

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