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The Minim of Life

We prepare to leave our home on water and return to the UK in a few weeks time. When this happens I will not have access to my music production suite only my scratch Ipad. Over the last few weeks I have produced many pieces, electronic dance to orchestral.

My latest album "The Serf and the King" was released to all media outlets only this week. It is a 3 piece album, the first track "The Hunter" depicting the king enjoying sport in the woods; the second track "A Son for a Serf" depicting the joyous moment in which the man who has nothing has a gift beyond riches; the third track "To Defend a Crown" depicting both Serf and King defending a realm.

I have also produced 2 tracks for Cello called "Simply Cello 1" and "Simply Cello 2".

After some thought I wanted to explore the beautiful tone of the Cello and allowed the lead to use slow somewhat drone notes at times within the melody.

Simply Cello 1:

Simply Cello 2:

I have remixed track "A Twilight shadow in Peru" and it sounds a lot better for the subtle changes.

Another new track is 'surprise surprise' orchestral and called "The Right of Passage", it had 90 plays in its first half day of release which was music to my ears.

I have rewritten and reproduced "A rose amongst the thorns" making it slicker, tighter and all round a much nicer track. check it out and let me know what you think.

"A Sicilian Fantasy", "Along came a Wolf", "Green is the Grass", "The End of Time" and "Arc1" "Arc2" "Arc3" are all new orchestral pieces and currently with the agency.

On the electronic side of things I have produced a large number tracks too numerous to link but to name a few:


In The Cold



Eastern Front

Argentine Groove






Try Again



if you get chance check them out at one of the many media outlets.

To say that I have been busy is a little bit of an understatement. I have enjoyed a wonderful year making music for orchestra, rock band and dance and next year I aspire to greater things with new ideas for new pieces already in the pipeline and a few steep learning curves.

Once back in the UK my plan is to scratch out some of these new works but life comes first so it may be a somewhat slow process. I will keep things updated in the best way I can after our return.

For now stay healthy and away from covid and If I don't update my blog page before have a very wonderful and merry Christmas and New Year!! Salute.

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