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A Stitch in time saves rhyme

Since the last blog I have been busy producing new tracks for the agency and the web based media stores. I am excited that my new album "Sea Gypsies 2" is soon to be released. The album is once again a balanced mix of orchestral and electronic music with themes linked to the skippers and crew that we have met during our journey.

My collection of fast hard hitting Techno/Electro tracks continues to grow.

They are available in web stores now and the ones to look out for are:



Try Again

Dont stop

The Hunt


Death Express

Run Rabbit Run

and last but not least

Fire Bolt

Response to the tracks from the relevant genre groups has been good. It is a long time since I spent so much time producing electronic hard beat tracks, but it was enjoyable which is the important thing.

Another big plus is that I have been revamping some of my older tracks,

watch out for the Journey Man tracks on media stores. 4 tracks of rock ballad genre, I think most listeners will like them rock guitar followers or not...fingers crossed.

I have also reworked "Tora Tora", yes I know... Once again!

I hear you say. It was a huge track and is now smaller in size and much more structured than before. The main crescendo at the 10min mark is still there and changes the atmosphere of the whole piece before reverting back to the initial theme for the grand exit.

"Mort de la Démocratie" also saw a re-work and sounds better for the changes made.

I have just completed a beautiful track in Db for the Sea Gypsies album called Kivu. My inspiration came from the owners of the yacht named "KIVU", lively and bubbly one minute and within a strict rigid framework the next. The piece starts with piano and is broadened out with Cor Anglais and French Horn before returning to the piano theme once again.

On the agency front I have completed 3 new tracks "Jollie" "Redemption" and "Twilight" so you can see that I have been busy in-between lockdowns, varnishing and fixing problems on the boat having said all the above I am just about to start a new track in Ab and hope that it will be as it sounds in my mind.


Take Care Stay Safe.


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