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None Exclusive Royalty Free?

Hi All,

just a quick blog to let you know what's been happening in my chaotic world .

We are still trapped in Sicily in Ragusa Marina because of C19 restrictions on people who live on boats, so whilst I'm trapped I have been working on one or two projects.

First up, I have decided to host some of my None Exclusive Royalty Free music on the website. Fingers crossed I can generate a customer base of my own and showcase my music to the Film,TV,Radio and media world.

I have 61 pieces of music with SOUNDOTCOM at the moment and will continue to add to my library of Orchestral and Electronic Synth dance music lodged with them.

The website hosting of my own tracks for radio tv and media is to run alongside my ventures that are currently ongoing.

I have just released 4 tracks that I think are worth listening out for,


Dreadnought - A rock guitar piece (I know I said that I wasn't going to produce anymore rock music after the "Journey Man" tracks but I thought about it and decided to do one more in the style of a rock ballad). It is currently available on media sites Amazon, Deezer, Applemusic, TikTok, Spotify etc

Siren - A fast moving Techno/Electro-ish track currently on media sites Amazon,Deezer,TikTok etc

Runner - A fast moving future Tech piece, available for sale

Ode to Mothers - A very nice, easy listening orchestral track produced by me and my 13yr old son.

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