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A stitch in time

This week

I have completed the remixes of "The Passion of Mary Magdalene" and "The Expulsion of Longinus the Centurion", they are currently being distributed as we speak.

I have released a new Techno track called "All Tech

d Out", so look out for it on the big internet stores - exciting times.

Remixes of "Shifting Sands 1 & 2" are complete and being distributed. Not too many changes to them just a concentration on the quality of the instrument audio with some soft filtering. "Shifting Sands 3 & 4" will be underway shortly.

I have a couple of new tracks in the pipeline that are to go on the new "Sea Gypsies2" album when complete. One is a beautiful classical track in F#m with a major lead guitar emphasis. It is a delicate yet punchy track and sounds really good.

So many of my tracks need bringing up to date but when you have around 400 tracks to complete it's quite a daunting task. I have tried to slow up my creativity and concentrate on the production of the tracks but to be honest I am better at creating than mastering and mixing.

Now it's time for me to do my other job which is refitting the boat rear cabins. So far this morning I have wiped down all of my freshly sanded wooden surfaces in prep of us applying a new coat or two of varnish.

You just wouldn't believe it, now that it is time for us to start

the varnishing it's decided to rain. Varnish goes milky if there is too much moisture in the air so I suppose I wont be doing any varnishing today.....ah well time to make some music.

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