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And so it begins...

The race is on, the click is ticking. We have moved on board “Damsis” our new boat and she is just great. As with all things new, there is work to be done, jobs to tick off the list before we can set sail and head south.

Yesterday we went into Plymouth and bankrupted ourselves at the local chandlery, today we started work on the items that the surveyor said needed attention.

It’s been a wild and very windy 24 hours so we’ve not missed out by being on board. But the sun has passed over the yard arm somewhere, so we‘re going to relax with a beer and plan the jobs for tomorrow.

As you can probably gather this has left no time for music creation, but I hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as we are underway. Watch this space.

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Bjørn Harald Jordan
Bjørn Harald Jordan
09. Sept. 2019

Hi there nice to see you are on the run......

Gefällt mir
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