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Beam me up Scottie!!

What a busy couple of weeks. I have created a new track called "The Rose" which is currently on all the major internet stores and play sites. It is a beautiful piano rendition

backed by orchestra.

I have been trying to complete my "next in the series" Sea Gypsies2 album and I am just one track short of release. Each track on the new album will be different to the others and reflect our thoughts and memories of the skipper/crew/boat that we have encountered upon our travels. The new album hosts orchestral works, one with a Scottish highland theme and dance music tracks and even one based around a blues chord structure.

I have also been revisiting all of my previous tracks (at present 380 of them) and working on the sound of each one for a more rounded sound. So far since my last blog I have visited:

An Ivory Muse, Jack Flash, The Red last Moon, Synapsis, Autumn Oak, Summer Oak, Spring Oak.

The other thing that I have been working on is music for the agency with 2 new tracks being born: Conquestor - a fast paced dance track & Rumbumptious - a jazzy piano based track.

With the "In God We Trust" tracks revamped I thought that I would have made time to take a small break and complete further maintenance tasks on the boat.

I did manage something, I managed to fit another couple of LED strip lights and switches and fit my son's TV into his cabin ;-)

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