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Blasts from the past

This month I have been renovating quite a lot of my old club tracks, I think in total around 20-30 of them have passed through my one man machine. You can find them on a playlist on Spotify called The Early Years.

A new dance track made its debut appearance it is called "Hustle" so watch and listen for that one on Spotify. It is a similar genre to Take Down.

I have released my latest track called Passchendale which only exists on my Classical Footprints playlist on this website. I have made it track number one on the list. Have a listen and let me know what you think to my arrangement. Comments are always welcomed.

I am just listening to the "In God We Trust" albums whilst I am typing this blog. Beautiful pieces portraying the Old Testament and New Testament unto the ascension of Christ.

Today I have finished my revamp of a very early album called Fantasia, check it out on Spotify and let me know what you think. The album contains 3 tracks, each holding onto the original theme of the album. A Orchestral/Synth Hybrid album is probably the best way to describe Fantasia. The tracks are definitely in the chill out genre.

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