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Busy Busy Busy =>

A couple of pieces of work are to appear shortly, one is a total refresh of

"The FireFly Chronicles".

A total of 5 movements, each different from the last. Many flavours all unique. When I upload them I will be uploading them as a single album of 5 tracks called "FireFly". It's been fun hearing them again and I hope that when you hear them you will like them too. They are a melding of orchestral and electronic music with the main emphasis being on the orchestral component. Each track meandering its way towards the end at track 5.

The second work is called "Get it where you can" and is an electronic track it takeouts name from the Vox vocal passage within. This track is already on Spotify and other outlets.

So one old piece revamped and one original new piece of work created... not too bad in-between the boat hunting and visiting.

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