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I think the MacBook Pro is dead. On the plus side, having bought a 2tb hard drive in A’Coruña, I have been able to backup my music files. So if worse comes to worst, I can restore them to another machine or the same machine if I get it repaired and rebuilt.

We are currently in Bayona on the NW Spanish coast, anchored in a bay outside the two marinas. The wind is getting calmer hour by hour and we hope for a settled night. Tomorrow we set off for Porto in Portugal, some 60 miles south of here. We are trying to make progress South whilst we Have E/NE winds, even though the swell is from the NW, the passage is so much smoother with an offshore breeze.

Finally, I have produced another track and managed to get it uploaded to my distributor before the Mac died. Have a listen to ARC ANGEL on Spotify and other streaming platforms, click on the music links on the home page. Enjoy!

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