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Echo's from the Past

Hi All,

this week I have been very busy re-arranging some of my older tracks and correcting faults that only i could only hear after playing them so often ;-)

I wanted to redo "Western" (a short piece, only 2:30 min long, nice melodic tones) and "A Lazy Day" (another guitar driven track that is pleasing to the ear and draws you ever further into the journey). I managed to complete the work and these two are now on Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora etc..

Another track that I have visited many times before is called "Every Day is a New Day". It is a nice positive and uplifting track, I just hope that I haven't changed it too much from the original. The track is driven by piano and strings and is light and refreshing, one for the chill out time me thinks.

I have also made major changes to the electronic track "When the Rain Falls" reducing the track length from 8 mins to approx 4.5 mins and it sounds slicker and just as good. Check it out when it's released in a couple of days.

"A Calypso Sunset" also came under the spotlight and after much work I have released it to the distributor. It should be available in the next few days. An absolutely beautiful track full of twists and turns and melodic rhythms.

Finally a great favorite of mine "Your Tender Touch". It starts with piano foundations and piano lead with the heavy use of strings. It is a special journey through this labyrinth of sounds. The Oboe contrasts the flowing piano and string rhythms to stand proud and tall and deliver its message. Lead piano is so delicate at times, tickling the keys so lightly the notes are almost like crystal.

Other news is that we are still ticking time away until our next boat survey. Then, if all goes well, it will be all hands to the pumps to turn the boat around and head south for the Mediterranean.

Keep those fingers crossed.

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