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For You Pt,2 Rework required

It is a sad day today, I have deleted "For You Pt2" from the stores. I listened to it one more time yesterday and just can not have the piano sounding so thin, shrill and ear piercing out in the public domain. It is a wonderful piece but imbalanced at the moment. I am currently trying to start up my old Macbook to rework the piece. Believe it or not this is my 77th startup and stop loop. Note to self "take the Macbook to a shop and have it fixed". ;-) I wish I had purchased a new machine to start with.

Dear Santa,

here is my list of things that I want for xmas,

1. A New Macbook

2. A New Macbook

3. A New Ma........ etc etc

The new album "Under the Old Oak" is out on Spotify.

I have taken a few ideas from my midnight scratch book and formulated them into tracks. Some new ideas are threaded through track 4 - Winter Oak.

I am still not quite sure about track 2 and may rework the track later. It is a fun album.

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