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Half Time, Already?

Once again the busy work gremlin holds up its head. I managed to upload "Simply Be" to the agency. It took a lot of uuumming and aahhing from me before I finally decided to let it go.

The remix of the "In God We Trust" albums 1 & 2 is 90% complete (10 tracks in total). I decided to reduce the length of some of the tracks and tried really hard not to lose the emotive momentum and emotion contained within. Some of the tracks at 14 - 16 mins in length are a lot for listeners to endure (although I like longer more classical sounding tracks others don't). I made the decision to shorten some of the very long ones down to lengths of no more than 7-10 mins. The task was a lot harder than I thought it would be and cost me a few very long - working through the night sessions. "The Passion of Mary Magdalene" was a memorable nightmare and one that I may revisit in the future to further mix. After problems with artifacts in the tracks, tempo errors and other weird Logic problems, I have produced what I think is an acceptable version.

Any listeners who prefer the older, longer versions can still access them as I am going to leave the "In God We Trust" albums in the internet stores and propagate the new tracks in their own individual form to the stores.

I have yet to start "The Expulsion of Longinus the Centurion", the last track.

This is a powerful track that depicts the moment Longinus gave up his commission and swapped his roman sword for the wooden staff and teachings of Jesus. Longinus was the centurion left in charge of Jesus whilst he was up on the cross. He lived out his life as a prophet of God travelling far and wide spreading the gospel.

I have some ideas for a new electronic techno/electro-esk track so watch this space.

Today I have been catching up on all the jobs I didn't do whilst remixing the album tracks. Painting, Sanding and Varnishing spring to mind inbetween fixing our outdoor Christmas lights or should I say trying to fix them before resigning them to the great bin in the sky.

Checkout the following tracks and let me know what you think in the blog comments.

"In God We Trust" 1

"The Fall of an Angel"

"Sodom - The Land of Lost Souls"

"A King is Born"

"Judas Iscariot"

"The Road to Golgotha"

"In God We Trust" 2 - Minus Mary Magdalene (only just released) & Longinus (not remixed as yet)

"Forgive the Father for they know not what they do"


"Gods Eternal Garden"

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