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Homeward Bound

Good news and not so bad news.

On the music front, I had been having problems with LogicProX on my Mac, the software just wasn't functioning correctly and I had my suspicions that the keyboard was to blame. Not long after I bought it, I had to remap a key to prevent it starting up in safe mode, then I kept getting random highlights - not good for such an interactive tool as LogicPro. I bought a new keyboard from the UK and paid a technician in Spain to install it, it took him two hours, it is now working perfectly again. So I am happy that I'll be able to continue work on 'Angel', a track that I started several months ago and have been unable to finish.

That's the good news, the not so bad news is that we are back in the UK for a time. We have given up the Spanish apartment and are staying with family whilst we continue the search for another boat in the UK. We will miss our marina friends and the sunshine, but hopefully the search will be successful and we'll be sailing again soon.

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