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It’s not about the sailing

Except that it is.....

Just now, it’s all about the sailing. We left Millbrook in Cornwall on Monday 19th and headed out across the Channel in awful conditions. 16 hours later we were dragged into port on the French side.

Having been on the wrong end of an incorrect forecast, we proceeded with a little more caution and made our way down the Atlantic coast of France to St Evette. Deciding

to risk the forecast once more, we motored out of the harbour and set off for Gijón on the N.Spanish coast, some 280 miles away. We got in 48 hours after we set off.

It‘a a good job that the sailing has been so all-consuming because I have been unable to work on my music, my MacBook has developed a strange aversion to booting up. I have tried all the fixes from the Apple Support sites, but it’s not resolved, just occasionally does it boot up enough to reassure me that the dusk is still ok. I am reluctant to push the point and load anything up to work on in case it gives up the ghost for good. When we get to A’Coruña later this week, we will be going to find a terabyte hard-drive and I will be backing my music up before I attempt anything else with the MAC.

If I have no luck with it, then I suppose i’ll have to try and find a replacement. I’m disappointed though, it was second hand (refurbished) but the best one I could afford at the time, I expected it to last a bit longer than it has. 😢

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