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New Beginnings....

In my recent posts I have lamented about the demise of my Macbook Pro, which was declared DAADP (dead as a door post) by our local technician, and my naivete in signing up to a locked-in contract with Identifyy. Well I have good news on both counts.

Firstly, I have done a complete (long overdue) audit of my music catalogue and I am happy that I don't actually have all my tracks registered with Identifyy, in fact it's a little under half, so I have plenty of tracks available to allow me to work with the music agency. I have signed a contract with them, after reading it very carefully, and will be mastering a selection of pieces to present to them for sale through their website.

Secondly, I have bought another machine. This time an iMAC rather than a laptop, keeping it safe on the boat when we're sailing may be a challenge, but I'm confident that it will be a better machine for the work I do. Not least because it's a bigger screen and at my age my eyesight isn't what it used to be! The immediate obstacle is configuring it and reloading the hundreds of gigabytes of samples, instruments and music production & control software.

Normally I'd happily tackle this job myself but the marina wifi here in Cartagena is dismal, we only have 30gb on sims, and it would take me months and months of frustrating downloads. I have had the iMac shipped to Jane at Purple Patch Design and she is undertaking the installation of Logic Pro X and Native Instruments for me. What she doesn't know about Macs isn't worth knowing, so I know it's in good hands.

Things are looking up and I'm excited to get started on some new music and to start down this new path with the agency. Hopefully it's the first of many.

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