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New content on Spotify

Two or three new tracks are now up on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer etc..

"A Rainy Day in Hope" evolved after I was thinking about returning soldiers from the battlefront, victorious in war but defeated psychologically. I tried to encompass their feelings of loss and hardship into the piece.

"The Road to Girar" is a Techno track for the hardened techno enthusiast It was born from a plethora of ideas that came to be.

"Slush Revisited" is a new electronic version of the old "Slush" track, remastered and slightly changed.

"Inter-Phase" is a hybrid track born from the embers of Orchestra and Synthesizer.

My jewel in the crown is a new track called "Innocence" at present it is stuck with the distributor but will debut shortly I am sure. It starts and ends with the gates of Hell playing in the background (electronic horns and off tune strings) and builds a glimmer of light and hope for its mid section which terminate in a celebration of all that is good. Piano, Strings and Horns dominate this piece throughout. I hope that you enjoy these new pieces.

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