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New Electronic Dance tracks released

Whilst my old Macbook still refuses to startup in a morning unless I reboot it 70+ times I have decided leaving it switched on continuously was my best option to work. This allows me at least to scratch out some new and olf ideas..Besides reworking "For You. Pt,2" I have been producing some tracks for our friends sons. One of the boys was heard to comment to his brother that he didn't like my orchestral pieces, they were just not cool, so my son asked me to produce a track for each of them. Unfortunately I ran out of time and only managed 2 tracks not 3. The family are returning to Australia for a while so the tracks will make unique gifts to take back home. Look out for them on Spotify. They are: "Luka's Mojo" & "Ripper".

Other electronic dance tracks that I have in various stages of completion looked mighty interesting today so I decided to try finish a couple of them. The new tracks are called "Nepharin", "FUXION" and "Quake" lookout for them over the next few days they will appear on Amazon,Tidal,Pandora,Apple etc etc

I must get this Macbook fixed once and for all, life would certainly be easier for me ;-)

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