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One out of 3 midnight scratchings surfaces to see the light of day.

Life here is still unsettled, everytime we go to enquire about another boat it sells before the advertisement ink is dry. People are now wanting the large space that a catamaran provides and more and more new sailors appear a top 2 hulls.

Our belongings are stored in one of the cabins aboard this catamaran as per the owners generous offer of board and storage. My keyboard is amidst this vast pile of boxes and bags and sits looking quite sad and shouting out "I don't belong here I am a keyboard and need to be free" or words to that effect.. With this in mind I start to work with the 3 possibles. When I have musical ideas late at night I pick up my Ipad open garageband and quickly create the basic theme of the piece. Afterwards I transfer the ideas to my MacBook and begin work in Logic Pro X. I now have a brand new piece called

"Mort de la Democratie" in B minor. A strong bass line is the strong water and the cello and trombone compete for top position above the lilly leaves. At 8 minutes long this piece is quite a short but I hope that you will enjoy it on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Youtube, Pandora, Tidal etc when it arrives in a couple of days time. Now back to the grindstone and continue searching for our next music studio.... I mean catamaran. ;-)

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