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Out of the Darkness and into the Light

Hi All,

It's great to have the Macbook correctly working again, I didn't realise just how much I enjoyed making music until my Mac was taken out of the equation.

I have had many great ideas come and go over the last few months. Some arrive and stand tall in their own right before blending with others to form a metamorphic cacophony before disappearing into a audio haze.

I have a few new ones for you to listen to:

"The Ukranian" a short 5min long orchestral work with a Ukranian feel.

Detailed by my use of the Ukrainian violin, deep string bass lines, timpani and great mid range strings. A battle between 2 violins erupts into orchestral French horns ascending on a slow climb to freedom.

"The Night Critter Waltz" an electronic foot tapper for those late hours when you can't sleep.

"Put it in the Bass Line" a fun track with many genre echos.

Dubstep overtones and nerve vibrating on the rim sounds explode into a Dub futuristic world of distant jungle tones and lead synth.

(Released yesterday)

"The Sandman Quickstep" featuring one of my favourite instruments the Afghan Rabab.

Starting with a simple club backing line and sub bass tones the piece morphs into the Afghan Rabab deep space mid tones.

(Only released today will hit Spotify etc in a couple of days)

It's been a busy week but a rewarding one. All of these ideas were stacked up waiting for a chance to come to fruition and they have. Enjoy!!!

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