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Revisiting Old Friends

This week I decided to revisit "A Twilight Shadow in Peru". A very knowledgable friend of mine liked the piece very much when he heard a copy that I emailed him for critique. He wished that I'd opted to use Peruvian Pan Pipes for the lead instead of the Glockenspeil he thought that the pipes would sound so much more Chilean and offer a softer sound. After much thought and deliberation I decided to make the changes and Eh Presto! he was right, it now sounds like it always should have sounded from the start. The new piece is called, you guessed it "A Twilight Shadow in Peru" :-) There didn't seem to be any point to changing the name of the track so it stayed the same. It's only taken me 12 months to act upon my friends advice, so J if you ever read my blog, I'm Sorry.

I have released a new electronic track called "SMOOL", a bit of a foot tapper if you like my electronic dance sounds. I am now trying to send more time mastering my sounds, although time consuming I think overall the tracks selected for a review benefit.

I have been beavering away on an orchestral piece this time in Cmaj for friends, I wanted it to start quite solemn and then break into a positive fast harmonic sound, I think that I have achieved it. The piece begins with deep low strings playing out a nice base rhythm that concludes in each bar and then a slow fed melody appears driven by the mid and high strings before switching to a dynamo driven base line with piano strings for a heart. I chose the viola to harmonise with the lead violins pushed up one octave to pierce the bass line. A lively Timpani in the background keeps the bass section in check. The piece eventually returns to the solemn opening sound and to ends with a delicate piano taking the final bar.

I have stepped up my music promotion and fingers crossed I will start seeing more of my 200 tracks appear in user playlists on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Youtube etc.

This week I have copied all of my archive tracks to the MacBook, it was quite a job but after losing the work files for 50 tracks last year (a very sad time, I still have the audio files but can never make changes to the original works again) :-( ) I had to do something to change the way I work and I came up with the MacBook Idea. I am now going to buy a terabyte hard drive and backup from the MacBook on a regular basis.

So all in all I have been very busy and some how find time for trips to look at boats in Cornwall for a second time and other life tasks needing my attention ;-)

Until the next time adios

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