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Sailing really is a Blast - if you are a trumpet player!

Just a quick note to say that although I have been quiet for a while I have not been Idle. I wrote a nice electro-orchestral piece for my friend's boat called "True North" and 3 other pieces along the Orchestral route.

Number one is called "A Silent Shadow" a beautiful ballad with Piano lead, Spitfire Labs vocals and Spitfire Discover orchestral strings.

Number two is called "Homeward Bound" and conjures up images of yachts striving to make it safely home with that storm of storms in the distance and getting ever closer. Bass, cello and viola describe the storm building whilst cello, violin and brass provide the wallowing yacht theme.

Number three is...., well number three is a work in progress as yet unnamed.

The tracks that are complete require mastering before release. I am finding it harder and harder to work whilst onboard. We have bought more solar panels to provide power to charge the batteries and a new higher power alternator to charge when the engines are running, but I can still only have limited time in the day to work.

Life onboard can vary from very busy with restless nights in heavy weather at anchor to sitting in a flat calm waiting for wind to sail with no onboard jobs to do and not enough power to power up the Mac and keyboard. Ah well that's life... I have an idea for a new track that involves...well lets wait and see.

Stay safe and well.

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