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Surreal time slices

Whether it's fixing problems on one boat engine or tracing faults on the other, it soon becomes evident that inspiration is something that can build over a day regardless of whatever tasks you are performing. The other day there I was changing fuel filters and releasing stuck oil filters when a nice melody line popped into my head. The track evolved into a new track which is now called "Simply Be". The track is so nice I have put it onto my ultimate collection memory stick for later use.

Sometimes the same thing happens to me in the middle of the night, I will be dreaming and a tune randomly appears in the dream, I at once know that I have to record the tune and have to waken and quickly jot it down. Sometimes I cant wake up and just enjoy the dream, awaken, forget the tune, and remember it some months later.

I have also remixed "A Rather Royal Oboe", "Red Lament-X", "For You..." and uploaded them for distribution to the online stores.

In the pipeline: I am going to remix each of the "In God We Trust" album tracks and

re-distribute them to the internet stores. It's quite a lot of work but I believe that the tracks will benefit from the work flow.

In-between all of this I will also be refitting the rear 2 cabins on the boat which includes everything from varnishing wood work to fibre-glassing wooden floor support blocks into place. My wife (Suella) is going to concentrate on recovering panels, fitting new carpets etc...

Well, I think life is going to be busy over the next few months so we will see what builds from the all of this inspiration...maybe an electronic track, who knows?

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