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The Plan of Plans needs a Plan

After my last blog entry so much has happened. I have been flying around Europe viewing other boats trying to find a suitable replacement for the last one. I have also been helping friends with boat electrical problems, painting antifoul paint on the bottom of friends yachts, fitting sails etc busy busy!!. At present we are living in a flat in a quiet town 100ft away from the sea. A somewhat run down town that appears to have a small community surrounded by summer apartments. After moving, which involved making multiple runs to the marina to unload our boxes from the beautiful catamaran that we had previously been staying upon my creative muse kicked into action and I began working on two dedication pieces for my sister. I was once again working late at night on the new pieces, Angel & Angel2. They are powerful and strong pieces written in a Major Key to keep the upbeat positive themes which detail and outline my sisters personality. After a couple of late night sessions my dodgy MacBook laptop keyboard decided to give up the ghost. It means that at present I have no way of continuing work on the new works. I am going to send for a replacement MAC keyboard from the UK and try to find a qualified spanish Mac professional to install it for me. It really is frustrating, how I wish that I'd had the money to buy a new MacBook AAAaaHHhhh!!!!!!

We have at last found another boat and are in discussions with the owner (whos lives in Italy) regards the purchase. The new boat or should I say new to us boat is a lot bigger than the last one, this should allow me to have my keyboard out fulltime and still have space to hold my many music books. The plan is to live in Italy for a short while to ready the boat for sea before sailing back to Spain to pickup our boxes from storage.

I feel that Angel details my sisters strong positive outlook on life whilst Angel2 her soft caring angelic side.... ;-)

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