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The Time Warp

I feel that I am stuck in a time warp at the moment. I didn't realise that I had so many tracks and that most of them required attention in one way or another. Since my last blog I have been updating various tracks for re-release. Some of the tracks have been electro/techno/cyber tracks and others orchestral works.

To name a few, "Les Tres Enfants", "The Dance of the Hummingbird", "Storm Cell",

"Summer Circles", "In a Regal Garden", "New Worlds".

It is hard work and suppressing my creativity so the sooner I have completed this task the better. One thing that has become highlighted is that I need a proper production process in place for each and every piece of music and without exception each piece proceeds along this flow from creation to completion. I have a great many tracks to complete and I will be busy with them for the near future. 400 in total and climbing, that is not including the 56 which are at the agency and not released upon the streaming internet sites.

I have released the beautiful Passchendaele track to my website, it is the only outlet for the track until I decide to release it to the online music streaming sites. It has a Cor Anglais lead, with Piano and Orchestral backing. This is one of many new and unreleased tracks sitting in the sidelines awaiting release... one of them "The Old Music Box" I believe is my best work ever so watch out for that one, you won't be disappointed.

Until the next blog, stay safe, warm, happy and away from C19.


Is a Spotify playlist of my eastern themed tracks some early work, others later.

3 beautiful tracks depicting the energy and exuberance of youth.

Another 3 part album with each track attempting to depict a region of Yorkshire.

Storm Cell, 2 parts musically tracking the approach and departure of one of the most violent short lasting actions upon planet earth, the Storm Cell.

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