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The woes of being a sea Gypsy

Being locked up onboard a boat during the covid pandemic isn't as bad as you think,

I have time on my hands in between fixing boat problems to make music.

This week I have managed to complete "The River", "The Old Music Box", and apply some finishing touches to "Passchendaele", "La Amore'" and "Aragor". The last 3 tracks could stand alone on their own album. Each one is a beautiful track and a rendition of popular chord stacks.

"The Old Music Box" is a lively fun piano track with a Mozart-esque sounding righthand lead.

"The River" is more laid back and better suited to inclusion on the big 3 album.

"Lonesome Hero" a jazzy piano piece is now being distributed online to the internet shop network.

"Highland Laddie", a Scottish themed dedication track, is sitting awaiting inclusion on my next album "Sea Gypsies 2".

I have started a rework of "Red Lament X", a dedication track to my late father, and have ended up with the very first track that I produced at that time. I am therefore going to call this track version2. It is a very solemn and sad track featuring beautiful strings, treble trombone and accompaniment. Once complete I will move onto my next dedication track "For You mov2".

Over the next few weeks I am going to be concentrating upon bringing all the tracks on albums "In God We Trust1" and "In God We Trust2" up to date, so watch this space.

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