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Work work work....

I have released a new version of "A Rose Amongst the Thorns" this morning, it should be in the stores later this week. It's such a beautiful track and so dynamic that it was hard to balance. The track was a dedication track to my wife and the original is about 4-5 years old. I have also managed to finish "Cortege for a Queen", a very eastern themed piece of great sadness as the title suggests. With pictures of the cortege passing you on the road side, wailing vocals and epic body this piece will be hard to find a home for.

I have quite a few tracks on the go at the moment, 14 in total... Listed below is a short description of most of them.

Beethoven Arc - a track that started as a music doodle on the keyboard of Beethovens 9th symphony theme,

Ozacan an electronic track more experimental than main stream, offering synth layers and textures.

The Ice River Mermaids of Zantha5 - a very nice orchestral piece offering heavenly vocals amidst a swell of string retort. Probably best placed on a sci-fi esk movie etc..

The Awakening - a beautiful piano orchestral piece. Piano dominant. Beautiful chord stack.

Spring - (to be renamed), another dominant piano piece offering beautiful chord stacks with orchestral body.

Highland Laddie - a dedication to my friend who passed last year R.I.P AL. The piece is essentially orchestral with Scottish overtones, offering Highland fiddle, single highland drum and Cor Anglais for lead.

This track will appear on "Sea Gypsies2".

Rumbumptios - a light Jazz track, lead driven by mesmerising jazz organ, flute and piano.

Rapid Descent - (to be renamed) - A beautiful orchestral track, short in stature, great in emotion. A simple bass driven intro to a full theme crescendo before executing a light diminishing finale.

Sentinel, Conquestor, Zoomer, Sonic - a collection of experimental trancesk, elecroesk tracks for the avid electronic sound enthusiast. Differing in nature and synth type analogue, digital FM, all in the mix....

Well I think that you will agree in-between living onboard a boat, rebuilding Diesel engines etc in the day that in my free time I am very busy. Phew, I'll need a holiday soon.

;-) Stay Safe and Healthy!!!

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