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Wow, a new album released.....

Well it's certainly been a very busy time indeed. Preparing my new album "Sea Gypsies" and trying not to miss any of the dedication music tracks that I have produced over the last 7 years for my friends and their yachts. Well guess what? I did manage to miss one. A big Sorry to Mark owner of yacht "Bip Bip".

P.s Good news Mark, I have reworked your track "El Barco Bip Bip" and uploaded it for distribution once again ;-) and will include the track in a "Sea Gypsies" playlist.

"Eastern Flame" another new track that I have uploaded is due for release this week and is based upon an eastern theme. Starting with Guitar and Greek violin a variety of strings join the affray to make this unique piece sing. At only 3mins long the piece is foot tapping and rapid. Check it out in the online stores this next week.

I started work on an electronic track that I have called Zoomer. It is a fun track. I decided to started merging textures and see what I could come up with. Well ,Zoomer is my end product. I still have work to do to finish the track before release, but watch this space for updates.

Other tracks in the flow are "The Awakening" an Orchestral track starting with delicate piano lead in centre stage eventually surrounded by strings ( violin, cello and bass ). At times the lead piano gives off an almost baroque hue. Violin substrates take on a more strengthening role and carve out the melodic theme before once again giving way to piano for the grand finale.

Next up on the block is a track of futuristic origin called "The Ice River Mermaids of Zantha5". A beautiful track that sets an almost magical scene and wouldn't be out of place on a film set for a scene where tranquility and strength have to go hand in hand.

Lastly but not least is a track that I have just name "Piano Foray", mainly because I couldn't think of a suitable name. The track starts with a very well known cello and bass chord stack that's been used in various movies. The strings are ghosted by celeste to give them a bright edge. Delicate waterfall piano sounds introduce delicacy and tenderness giving a feeling of caring and softness.

I will decide a name after completion or just leave the track call "A Piano Foray".

I hope to take advantage of our time in the marina this winter and use the mains power to within an inch of its life - so to speak.

Stay safe, Healthy and Wise.


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