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Wow, once again, busy busy busy

Celebrations all round, I have made my first license sale for a piece of my music so I am very pleased, it's just the boost that I needed. After 50 pieces I was hoping that one or two may sell to keep my positivity high. Being a prolific music producer is hard work mentally and if you count the RSI in the mouse fingers and wrist physically also. ;-)

In between fabricating brackets for gearbox cables, fixing water system air locks on yachts in the marina, I have managed to complete 3 beautiful pieces of music. I have realised that attention to detail is everything and I have tried to go above and beyond when producing these 3 pieces. I have yet to decide whether to send them to the agencies or keep them and put them out to PPC around the internet.

Track one is called "Passchendaele" and, using a fairly well known chord stack, I have produced what I think is a beautiful arrangement. Starting with a beautiful slow piano rendition which is joined by cello, the track opens out into a melancholy cluster of violin and finally a positive lead by "Cor Anglais". A very mystical and sad theme with timpani and snare drum holding beat. Mid strings reinforcing the lower end hold the piece together. Watch out for this one!! ;-)

Track two is called "Aragor" and again is a beautiful arrangement around amazing chords. A slow more haunting sound with droning strings high in the register doubling with cello to start, leading us into a mid piece enwrapment of awesomeness. Heavenly horns provide shadow accompaniment. Piano arpeggio provides a cradle for right hand piano melody. A very rounded and beautiful piece.

Track three is called "La Amore'" starting with Harp and strings high and mids forming a foundation for an explosion of melodic trumpet and piano arpeggio. Centre stage is set for piano right hand to take a bow before the audience. "La Amore'" forms thoughts of hot Italian or French summers and young lovers.. Another beautiful piece to take position 3.

I have new tracks on the scratch pad in the moulding the idea phase and hopefully can make the time to realise them.

In the next few weeks my music production will slow down as we are undertaking a refit of the catamaran that we call home and the disruption and upheaval do not lend themselves to creativity but at least I will have time to let the RSI settle down..... ;-)

"Lonesome Hero" is now live on all the usual web stores along with "Cortege for a Queen".

Until the next time Take Care, Stay Safe and keep listening!!

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